14405 W Colfax Ave STE 108 Lakewood Co 80401 800-424-3520 Reconditioning Software 800-424-3520 Recon Advisor Reconditioning Software for dealerships who understand the importance of turning their inventory as efficiently as possible. There is big money being left on the table in the currency of "Time". Put quite simply: We Save You Time Which Saves You Money.


Recon Advisor combines powerful features, an intuitive and user-friendly web-based design, and custom reporting for a reconditioning solution that meets your unique needs.

Your Reconditioning Time Costs Made Simple

Time is Money may be a worn out expression but there is no question that when you reduce your reconditioning time your dealership benefits financially across the board. We provide you with a very detailed Step Times Report to show you exactly how much time a vehicle is spent in each department and how much that equates to on average a month. We also give you the ability to compare your performance from month to month department to department for each vehicle and your entire process.

Industries Proven and #1 Preferred Recon Solution

Recon Advisor allows dealers to decrease reconditioning expenses on a single platform.


Turns on 100 cars at $1,500


Equals $300,000 Gross a year


or $25,000 Gross a month


We have served over 1,800,000 with 90% turn Avg. 3.4 days

A simple change to your reconditioning process will save you thousands

In today’s market, where margins are tight, and competition is high, being able to offer the best price on your inventory has a huge competitive advantage. One way to keep vehicle reconditioning costs low is to centralize your process and increase transparency.

Use The Recon Calculator Below To See How Much You Can Save

Recon Days


Holding Cost

Total Time Cost

Recon Days:

The average number of days it currently takes to get your vehicle from traded in or purchased until it’s completely ready for the frontline.


The number of vehicles that go through the reconditioning process.

Holding Cost:

This number is different for each dealership. Not too many dealers typically know this number off the top of their head.