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Time is Money may be a worn out expression but there is no question that when you reduce your reconditioning time your dealership benefits financially across the board. We provide you with a very detailed Step Times Report to show you exactly how much time a vehicle is spent in each department and how much that equates to on average a month. We also give you the ability to compare your performance from month to month department to department for each vehicle and your entire process.

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Recon Calculator

Time Cost Factors

  • Recon CheckmarkRecon Days: The average number of days that it currently takes for your vehicles to make it from the moment it has been traded in or purchased until it is has been put on the lot pictured and stickered.
  • Recon CheckmarkVehicles/Month: The number of vehicles that go through the reconditioning process.
  • Recon CheckmarkHolding Cost: This number is different for each dealership. Not too many dealers typically know this number off the top of their head.