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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you using a whiteboard or shared Excel files? Do you rely on handwritten, text, phone calls to communications or have to walk from one department to the other to get updates and vehicle recon statuses?

These methods of communication are challenging, lack transparency and human error manual updates, and rely on the accuracy of those updates. It is impossible to identify bottlenecks that are costing you possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Recon Advisor allows you to automate the recon workflows in your dealership, including vendor work processes critical to your recon operation. It enables team members to communicate in real-time about every single aspect of the recon process and gives you the transparency you need to identify costly delays and setbacks so that you can take swift corrective action.

Recon Advisor end-to-end solution provides complete transparency and accountability. Our tools allow dealers to control recon costs, increase used car selling days, and speed recon time.

Yes, you can. Recon Advisor lets you set up all vendors that are important to your operation so that you can have full transparency into their performance. Being able to measure and track vendors and their impact on your average Time-In-Recon is critical to shortening Retail-Ready Time and increasing inventory turn.

Recon Advisor supports all mobile devices, including Apple, Android, and Windows. Users can visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download the app, then will be able to receive real-time app notifications, along with text or email notifications that will allow you to make quick decisions and actions that will keep your recon inventory on pace to be frontline ready Faster.