14405 W Colfax Ave STE 108 Lakewood Co 80401 800-424-3520 Reconditioning Software 800-424-3520 Recon Advisor Reconditioning Software for dealerships who understand the importance of turning their inventory as efficiently as possible. There is big money being left on the table in the currency of "Time". Put quite simply: We Save You Time Which Saves You Money.


Recon Advisor helps you to stay in touch and in control of your reconditioning operation.
Recon Advisor is Geared for Success! Track Your Recon Process and Save Mone!

Completely customizable, now your dealership’s recon process will have Real-time notification for every step and every department.

Transparency during every step is important to eliminate bottlenecks.

Gain control of your reconditioning process. RA puts you in control of your workflows to keep the repairs moving from vehicle acquisition to customer delivery.

Better visibility and controls over the reconditioning process can help get your vehicles to the frontline more efficiently.

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Vehicle Reconditioning Software Features

The list below includes some, not nearly all, of the useful features available to our clients. Contact our Client Solutions team to learn how we apply them to help your business.

Recall Notifications

Keep track and receive daily automated updates on all open safety recalls.

Photo Count

Know which vehicles are still awaiting photos and notify your photographer as soon as they are ready for pictures.

Manage Vendors

Our enhanced level of Transparency, Accountability, and Communication brings your vendors into the information fold.

Parts Orders

Track estimated part arrival times and expected costs. Orange alerts indicate parts-waiting and red indicates a part is overdue.

Department Goals

Track each stage's progress using Department Goals. Vehicles will alert red they have gone over the designated time.


Tools to communicate work estimates and approvals. Approve estimates with ease from your text or email by the touch of a button.


Recon advisor links your remote locations to your headquarters and allows for centrally managed, consistency, and better visibility across your chain.

Custom Forms

We will build you a digital version of your commonly used forms. This will help save time and reduce redundancy.

DMS Integration

Automated feeds from your DMS or Inventory manager keeps manual input to a minimum.