Custom Forms

We will build you a digital version of your commonly used forms. This will help save time and reduce redundancy.

Recall Notifications

Works on all modern devices

Keep track of active recalls with automated alerts and status updates.

Streamlined Search

Searching for vehicles has never been so easy. Salesperson and restricted views are available as well.

Department Goals

Works on all modern devices

Track each stage's progress using Department Goals. Vehicles will alert red they have gone over the designated time.

Automated Email Reports

All of your Recon Reports are available using the timed emailable report feature. Just set the report, recipients, and when you would like the emailed report.


Recon Advisor provides several easy to use tools to communicate work estimates and approvals. Approve estimates with ease from your text or email by the touch of a button.

Vehicle Color Codes

At a glance distinguish vehicle classifications by using the color coding feature.

Multi-Store Setup

Perfect for dealer groups who share vehicles at multiple locations.

Manage Vendors

Keep track of the work in progress, costs, and estimated completion times. Alerts can streamline communications by notifying vendors of work waitng for them.

Vehicle History

View a detailed history of each vehicle throughout the recon process.

Parts Orders

Track estimated part arrival times and expected costs. Orange alerts indicate parts-waitng and red indicates a part is overdue.

Photo Count

Know which vehicles are still awaiting photos and notify your photagrapher as soon as they are ready for pictures.

File Attachements

Attach files to a vehicle for easy reference throughout the process.

Import Appraisal Reports

Automatically import reports from your appraisal software allowing quick reference to appraisal notes and estimated pricing.

DMS Integration

Automated feeds from your DMS or Inventory manager keeps manual input to a minimum.

Live Support

Chat with a support specialist using the live chat option or simply call in to support and speak with a Recon Advisor.

No Contract
Cancel Anytime!

We strive to earn your business every month so we do not require any commitment and you may cancel at anytime.

Assigned Recon Advisor

Works on all modern devices

Your dealership will be assigned a Recon Advisor to get into the finer details of your recon process. Your Advisor can help streamline troubled areas and work with team members to find solutions to issues as they arise.